One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
View one of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts


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One of the world's major distributors of spare parts for clocks, clockmakers' tools and supplies to clockmakers and clock & barometer repairers.


A message from Mervyn Passmore

M&P, like so many businesses, struggled through 2020 in the hope that by December life would recover to some extent. Sadly that did not happen for M&P.

Brexit was to be a new era but bureaucracy, border delays and closed frontiers reduced our EU sales by around 90%. I was obliged to go to our French office recently. I had 4 days of work to do. 2 days of travel, 7 days of French isolation and 10 days of UK isolation made a total of 23 days absence for 4 days work. If you add petrol, motorway tolls, tunnel tickets & 5 Covid tests at £100 each to the lost time you can see how running a tiny multinational business simply isn't viable.

Meanwhile the clock repair trade has been hit badly by both the low value of clocks and Covid restrictions. M&P became a retailer of parts overnight, selling one or two items to thousands of retail customers. Selling 20 keys to a clock shop is clearly not the same as selling 1 key to 20 different customers, most of whom don't know what size, style or material they want.

I have reluctantly decided to restrict sales to existing customers only. Unless you fall into at least one of the following groups, you will be unable to place an order:
( ) You have placed at least 4 orders with M&P in the previous 18 months
( ) You have purchased more than 10 times in total
( ) You have spent more than £90 in the last 6 months

The online store will no longer permit self-registration, so you will need your M&P Customer number and pin to use it. If you don't fit the criteria above, your login will fail.

I am vacating the Southall premises shortly and will be working from home. This will inevitably mean that orders will not go out as quickly as you might hope.

I have been running M&P almost single handed since 2018. I resisted the lure of retirement but the situation is making it impossible to continue in the usual way. From now on it will be more of a hobby than a business. .

I appreciate that this new business plan will be inconvenient for many shops and amateurs that seldom need anything from us. A new simplified web site will hopefully appear during the summer at, selling many popular items.

M&P will reopen on March 23th.

We stock a wide range of replacement clock spares, such as weights, mainsprings, lines, platform escapements, clock suspension springs, pendulums, bells, movements, dials (faces), hands, bezels, convex (bent) glass, domes, finials, taps, dies, winding keys, bushes, pins, broaches, winders, horological tools, cutters, books, barometer parts, barograph charts, gramophone parts and tower a range of tools such as winders, ultrasonic tanks, bushing outfits etc., in fact almost everything a clock repairer or restorer could want.

NEED TO RETURN SOMETHING? For Returns, Refunds and Exchanges please view our Returns procedures Be sure to read this before returning anything for any reason.
Returns and Refunds page.

A revolutionary new clock lubricant from M&P. Horoglide is an oil-based grease that coats the spring's surfaces with an incredibly slippery coating, making them glide over each other without sticking, squeezing out or drying. Supplied in precision syringe applicator...

NEW!! UK customers can now view and download purchase history, order status and much more: Our customer download area allows you to log in and see information on every stock item you have ever bought, details of your orders showing how and when sent etc. and any back orders. Account customers can view and pay their statements. Log in Here. You will need your email address and your PIN.

We are working on making this service available for all our customers.

MERVYN PASSMORE'S CLOCK MAINSPRING GUIDE: Now available via M&P's website is our step-by-step guide to making your own mainsprings. The comprehensive guide includes full instructions, with links to the specific tools and materials required. View it here.

To find out more about simple clock repair procedures, you can read the pre-publication edition of Mervyn Passmore's latest illustrated book Repairing Your Own Clocks online, free of charge.

400 DAY SUSPENSION IDENTIFICATION: Need to identify a 400 day suspension? has a free online service or do it yourself HERE.

A flowchart poster to help you identify your Anniversary (Torsion) Clock Identification, devised by the author and based on information from the book, is available free to use Here.

HANDLING MERCURY: Due to changes in regulations surrounding the handling and sale of mercury, we are currently unable to supply customers and await further news. More details over here : GOV.UK.

Based in the UK, we despatch clock parts from England to worldwide destinations by mail order and make daily shipments to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We have specialist divisions for our customers in France, Germany and Spain with web sites and catalogues in those languages.


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